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Longstanding student success is a credit to the combined efforts of immense teaching talent and commitment present by each student’s families.


During COVID19, parents and teachers have been working tirelessly to ensure that ALL students succeed. Knowing that, and without reservation, we have asked Harvard Positive Psychology expert Shawn Achor and our experts to provide parents and families with invaluable tools and techniques to assist us during these unprecedented times starting with 6 practical modules every two weeks.

The first 6 modules include:

1.Happiness and Gratitude in Challenging Times;

2.Increasing social connection in a time of social distancing;

3.Inoculating your brain about anxiety and stress;

4.Being adaptive in the midst of uncertainty and change;

5.Uncovering possibilities with a growth mindset; and

6.Restart forward progress 

In each section will be a video from Shawn Achor, small reading, quiz, activity and additional resources.

Achieving our BIG POTENTIAL these must be equally present:


  • Positivity

  • Connection

  • Hope

  • Happiness



Successful change requires

  • Support Champions

  • Resilience 

  • Growth mindset

  • Adaptability

  • Social Connection and Small Wins


  • If change is possible, it must start with… Each of us

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology focuses on the positive events and influences in life, including:


oDeepens student, family, and community development

oPositive experiences (like happiness, joy, inspiration, and love).

oPositive states and traits (like gratitude, resilience, and compassion).

oPositive households (applying positive principles within families).

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