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The Orange Frog

The Orange Frog is a story about Spark, a frog that was born with a peculiar orange spot.  None of the other frogs had any orange.  So, Spark was different from the very beginning.

Very soon Spark started to realize that being different can be tough.  The other frogs were scared of his orange, they teased him, some even tried to help him not be orange.  This experience was very confusing for Spark.

Spark also noticed that his orange spots sometimes disappeared and sometimes were very orange.

Spark also slowly began to realize that there were some benefits of being orange.  He felt better.  He felt like helping others.  He felt like being kind.  He even caught more flies when he was orange.

So, you see Spark had some important decisions to make.  As you learn more about Spark’s journey, you will be asked to reflect on yourself. Have you had some of the same experiences that Spark did?  How did it feel to you?  along the way, you will be asked to make some decisions like Spark did and test them out for yourself.

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