Happiness 360°

For nearly 10 years schools asked us for tools to sustain their happiness journey.
Now that request has been answered!

Combined with the Orange Frog Workshop for faculty and staff, Happiness 360° is the perfect way to further embed and deepen the positive impact across the district. And provides:

  • Turnkey instructional activities and resources (lesson plans, videos and other learning tools) for teachers so they may in turn provide trainings and educational lessons to students in class.

  • Webinars for Teachers that introduce each module with directions on how to use the curricula in the classroom.

  • Webinars for Parents on how to use the H360° portal with students at home.

  • Parents with two types of curriculum.  The first is a series of videos and resources that mirror the foundational lessons that kids are learning at school.  The second is a video series on key foundational lessons for parents specifically in the midst of the prevailing conditions of the day.

  • A follow-on PD to reinforce Orange Frog training that focuses on creating and sustaining positive and healthy interactions with students and creating a socially and emotionally sound environment for kids to learn.

  • Students with children’s books and graphic novels as well as standard publication versions of The Orange Frog – in addition to videos, tools, challenges and digital resources.

The Teacher's Resource Center

Teachers are provided with a complete arsenal of teaching aids, lesson plans, activity instructions, PowerPoint slides and introductory videos specific to Elementary, Middle or High School.

The Teachers’ Resource Center also provides access to student activity worksheets.

You have the option to download and print the student activity worksheets or use them online.

The Happiness Advantage has set a new standard in positive education.

Special 50% Discount
$50 $25 per student

Exclusive early access for existing client partners

  • Access to all upgrades

  • Opportunity to help shape the H360° program direction with feedback

  • Teacher Onboarding On-site or Virtual

  • Monthly webinar for Teachers and Staff

  • Monthly webinar for Parents

  • Access to H360° Learning - Digital library of TEACHER resources for classrooms

  • Orange Frog Books digital (Kids book, Comic book, or Standard Orange Frog)

  • Teacher Instructions, slides, and worksheets for all activities

  • Monthly pre-written Administrator Communications to Faculty and Staff

  • Weekly pre-written Teacher Communications to Parents

  • Access to H360° Social - a community driven component comprised of other like minded people to come together and share happiness, optimism and positivity

  • $50 per student includes access to all upgrades

About Happiness 360°

Since 2015, many innovative school districts across the country have taken advantage of the research presented in Shawn Achor's best-selling books, The Happiness Advantage and its companion parable, The Orange Frog. This has led to the Orange Frog workshop becoming the largest and most in-demand happiness workshop for educators in the world.

In recent times, the responsibilities and expectations for teaching, parenting, and learning have undergone significant changes and will continue to do so. To effectively address these challenges, all members of the community require new coping and thriving skills. These skills include self-care, adaptability, stress management, resiliency, and strategies for progress. Additionally, it is essential to learn how to come together and close the social connection gap.

Research over the years has shown that a positive mindset is crucial in combating the negative impacts of change and stress. When our brains are positive, they are better equipped to adapt, create, and thrive. Hence, our communities need a way to come together and foster optimism for their future.

To meet this critical need, ITLN and Shawn Achor have developed Happiness 360°, a systemic solution to the constellation of challenges facing school districts across the country. The program provides students with structured opportunities for social connection with peers, parents, and school staff. The program is dynamic and ever-expanding, and it includes a set of resources, tools, and curricula that will keep pace with the changing needs of students and staff.

The story of The Orange Frog is enjoyed and beneficial for both children and adults because it provides a common language in an accessible narrative. All students, staff, and parents will receive an age-appropriate version of the story, and it will serve as a device for both training and maintaining social and mental well-being. The program is designed to be flexible and evolve as the needs of students and staff change.

Happiness 360° is a comprehensive solution that provides students, parents, and school staff with the skills and resources they need to enhance their social and mental well-being. It is a dynamic and ever-expanding program that will keep pace with the changing needs of its participants and help bring communities together to foster optimism for their future.

It puts ownership in the hands of those that deserve it most… everybody;
Teachers, Parents and most importantly – Students.

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